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Christ-Mish Project

Send 200 stuffed backpacks to students in

Mishkeegogamang, Ontario

Mishkeegogamang is an Ojibway band government,

located a 20 hour drive north of Toronto.

We partner with True North Partnership, who work to meet the needs identified within that community, with the goal of building bridges of understanding and beginning the journey of true reconciliation.

Our Story

The CHRIST-Mish Project began in September 2022 when Altona Road Community Church partnered with True North Partnership to provide 30 filled backpacks for some of the children and youth of the Mishkeegogamang First Nation as Christmas gifts. In 2023, in partnership with other churches on our District, we were able to provide 100 filled backpacks.


 Most recently, each backpack contained a comic book of the Christmas story and needed items, along with personal Christmas greetings and a small Christmas treat. (In 2023, those needed items were identified as hoodies, socks, pencil crayons and pencil cases.) As well, we were able to send 350 pairs of ski gloves/mitts with candy canes for all of the children, and 10 New Testaments (First Nations edition) and handcrafted nativity scenes for the teachers and classrooms of the Missabay school. 

Get Involved

If you’d like to receive more information about how your local church can participate, please contact Pastor Carrie Tweedle at Altona Road Community Church.         

(If your local church isn’t interested in participating at this time, you may still choose to make a donation.) 


Mid September

Info will be emailed out to all churches who have indicated interest, with a timeline and all required resources attached. 


This will include promo videos, a sample announcement script and downloadable  Christmas cards (with an option for churches without printers to have mailed copies).

October 13 - November 3

Each local church will accept monetary donations, distributing the Christmas greeting cards for individuals to add their personal greetings.

November 5

Each local church’s contact person will tally the giving, communicating the total amount to the Canada Central District (CCD) organizing team.  


Based on the total amounts from all participating churches, that district team will set a goal for number of gifts, and purchase all items as suggested by Mish representatives.

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