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Lenten Devotions

Grow in your walk with Jesus through daily scripture, prayer & worship (all 3 or these elements will be included every week).

Walking with Jesus challenges us to deepen our faith and live it out in practical ways as Jesus did.

A new video will be published on the YouTube playlist every weekday during Lent. Each week takes a closer look at a different theme. 

  • WEEK 1 - Invitation to reflection and being open to God changing us. 

  • WEEK 2 - Are we living our lives with a central focus on Jesus?

  • WEEK 3 - God challenges us to go outside our comfort zone to meet and experience him.

  • WEEK 4 - Are we living out the calling that God has placed on our life (in both the small and large things)

  • WEEK 5 - Do our lives reflect who God is? Do we have a relationship with Jesus and does his compassion and care pour out of us? 

  • WEEK 6 - Are we willing to take risks to Follow Jesus? Are our lives about sharing Jesus?

  • WEEK 7 - Appreciating Jesus as we approach God Friday and Easter.

How to Join

Go to the YouTube channel and subscribe (to Crown Point Community Church's account).


Every weekday a new reflection will premiere in the playlist - if you have YouTube notifications on your phone then you should see it in your notifications. 

Meet the Leaders 

Jason and Liana Brown are co-lead pastors at Crown Point Community Church in Hamilton.  They are passionate about discipleship and loving and reaching their local community, with a special heart for those on the margins. 


They are excited about practical discipleship - seeking to help people grow deeper in their faith while doing the work of God together. Jason has an impressive collection of board games and enjoys archery and cooking, while Liana loves the outdoors, adventuring, and baking.


They balance pastoring with raising their four wonderful kiddos.

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Pastors and Small Group Leaders

Here are the promotional resources that you can share to help others in your community join in. Download them all from our Google drive to share with your church. 

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