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One of the Core practices of the NDI is FERVENT PRAYER. James reminds us "The earnest prayer of a righteous person has great power and produces wonderful results." (NLT). 

The Plan

  • Weekly Online Prayer: Join others on the district once a week for corporate prayer starting after Easter.  We will be praying and listening to God for direction for our district, region and global church. 

  • Study the Book of John: Spend time during the week walking through the book of John. 


Join us every Monday (April 17 - May 22) on Zoom from 7-8 PM               

"We will once again be joining with Nazarenes across the USA/Canada Region in corporately seeking the mind of Christ, between Easter and Pentecost. The 2023 Half Million Mobilization theme is Mission to Vision to Mobilization."

Pastor Steve Ottley

District Superintendent

Pastor Steve.png

Please note the link will only work on Mondays from

7-8pm when the meeting is live.

Breath Prayer Journal NDI.png

The simplicity of breathing can relieve us from complicating our prayer. 

JOHN 1:9-12 

Breath Prayer Journal NDI.png


The linguistic connection between Spirit and Breath Prayer is unambiguous in the Bible; both the Hebrew ruach and Greek pneuma mean breath, wind, and/or spirit. 

Contemplative prayer awakens our attention so that we listen for God’s presence and become open to it. Such an experience of prayer supports Paul’s admonition to pray without ceasing and fits with the simplicity of Breath Prayer.

Within the Orthodox tradition, Breath Prayer appears perhaps as early as the 3rd century. Known as the “Jesus Prayer” or “Prayer of the Heart,” it draws from Mark 10:47, where a blind man, Bartimaeus, calls Jesus to heal him.


A common form is, “Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me.” By placing a few words on the inhale and a few on the exhale, it unites the prayer with the body.  As a prayer of the heart, the exact words may change to reflect the longing of the one who prays, seeking a lived experience of God. 


Breath Prayer provides a person of faith a conscious way to partner with God in healing physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds. 


Smorp Prayer Journal NDI.png

a simple acronym to help us remember the key items in our daily devotional walk with Jesus.

Smorp Prayer Journal NDI.png

Read through the Gospel of John using SMORP

Scripture – meditation; memorization; reading; observation: something learned about God & His ways

Message – correction, direction, encouragement, promise, wisdom

Obedience – what God wants you to do about a correction or direction

Repentance – not just confession; but a turn of direction

Prayer – praise, gratitude, worship, intercession    

Prayer Journal NDI.png


Join others on the Canada Central District and others across Canada and the United States in a prayer journey from Easter Sunday, April 9, until Pentecost Sunday, May 28.

Be inspired by a special section within the Holiness Today Mar/Apr issue devoted to prayer. Participate in the journey of prayer following a daily prayer journal called From Mission to Vision to Mobilization.

Prayer Call.png


Every Monday at 7:00PM join others on the Canada Central District for a time of prayer on Zoom. 

Pastor Charmaine will be leading this time of prayer.

Prayer Journal NDI (1).png


How about some help from our leading pastors across the region preaching on mission, vision, unity, and mobilization? These sermons will keep you right in sync with the content in the Prayer Journal from Easter (4/9) to Pentecost (5/28).

You can use these prayer manuscripts in whatever way you might find them helpful. Use as much of the text as you like.

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