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Bridge - A New SDMI Initiative

Before COVID-19 many of us would never imagine hosting Bible Study on Zoom or attending church on YouTube. Now, we open our laptops to join a prayer meeting or sit on our couch to worship with a live stream.

The SDMI team had an idea - what if it was possible for churches to invite others from the district to their prayer meetings, special events, Bible studies, worship nights and more!

We developed Bridge to make this possible. Whether you're hosting an event and wish to invite others from Canada Central District to it, or looking to attend - SDMI wants to help you get connected.

Step 1

Invite Others by submitting a Google Form

Step 2

Let SDMI Promote your event to the district on our Facebook group (we'll even make a social media graphic if you don't have one!)

Step 3

Handle registration and host your event

If you need a Zoom account to make hosting online possible, let our team know when you submit the Google Form.

If you have any questions email us at

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