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Youth Ministry Online

Discover ways to keep your youth ministry running and teens connected while social distancing.

These resources were shared at GROW Online, presented by Pastor Nick Dookheran.

Additional resources/links have been included that were recommended by participants in GROW Online.


Zoom + Instagram Live

Zoom is a great platform for video conference calling for youth Bible Study and Sunday School (and other online hangouts). Set up a call, tell your youth group via whatever your current mode of communication is and then at the time of the event give yourself a few minutes to go live on Instagram (from your church account if you have one) to remind teens and also troubleshoot if they're having trouble connecting to the call. Ideally, Instagram Live would be done by a different volunteer than whoever is leading the Zoom call (a teen from your youth group could also do this!)

Discounted rate found at:

Nick has set up a account for his youth group and he puts that link in their youth group's Instagram profile. This allows Nick to have multiple links under one, streamlining where teens and parents find info. Here are screen shots as an example:

YouVersion Bible App

Start a Plan with Friends with your youth group and stay accountable to reading God's Word together.


There are tons of ways to play games online or through apps together



Facebook Groups for Youth Leaders (our district NYI is currently working on special pricing for our churches)

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